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Sleep Aid, Glaxon Sedative - a comprehensive breakdown

Sleep Aid, Glaxon Sedative - a comprehensive breakdown

Sleep Problems find their Sleep Solution with Sedative, from Glaxon. We will keep it short and sweet.

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With news of quality control issues in the world of ingredients like Melatonin, and the lack of consistency of herbal materials and their potencies in the marketplace it’s been getting harder to find reliable and effective sleep support products that offer recuperative and consistency in their sleep benefits.

We here at Glaxon recognized this problem in the market and formulated a flavored powder mix of sleep supporting ingredients called Sedative that redefines the idea of winding down and or catching up on the much-needed REM sleep.

With blinking lights, bright screens, and racing thoughts of the past day or what is to come tomorrow, it’s no wonder people are having sleep crises. Sedative is designed to use the body's natural mechanisms of chilling out (not Netflix and Chill) and also the triggering of sleep mechanisms in the brain overnight to allow for both restful and fulfilling sleep (dreams are cool.) 

Glaxon’s Sedative provides a formula that blends the best of sedating herbs, relaxing Gabaergics, anxiety-reducing nutraceuticals, and sleep/dream-inducing ingredients to allow the body and mind the rest it needs to stay in a battle-ready state for whatever tomorrow throws your way.

Want to know more about the mechanisms of Sedative? you can watch our @supplementlab breakdown video or read our full writeup with clinical sources cited on the Sedative main listing page here

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