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Rules Recap:

4 Days, 4 Questions.

Answer a question a day on @IamGlaxon Instagram story.

- You must answer all 4 questions correctly

- Question 4 MUST be answered via your insta-story. You MUST tag @IamGlaxon for your Q4 answer to be submitted

- The first person to answer all 4 questions correctly including the final question wins free product, gear, or swag

- You can only win 1st once (winners will enter a "best of the best" contest to be held later)

The Winner of each week trivia will be announced the following Monday via our Website or Supplement Lab YouTube

This week’s GoonGames was themed around our newest product: Cheat!

Here’s Joey’s full breakdown of Cheat on the Supplement Lab YouTube channel:


Q1: Cellular Glucose uptake is primarily regulated by ______, a hormone produced in the _____.

Answer: Insulin/ Pancreas

Obviously, this question was the easiest and brought us all back to our first biology class in high school. 😊 The pancreas secretes insulin and glucagon. Both hormones work in balance to play a vital role in regulating blood sugar levels. If the level of one hormone is higher or lower than the ideal range, blood sugar levels may spike or drop. Together, insulin and glucagon help maintain a state called homeostasis in which conditions inside the body remain steady. When blood sugar is too high, the pancreas secretes more insulin. When blood sugar levels drop, the pancreas releases glucagon to raise them. This balance helps provide sufficient energy to the cells while preventing the nerve damage that can result from consistently high levels of blood sugar.
To learn more about insulin and its role in the human body, I have linked a video down below that breaks it down for you!

Q2: This ingredient derives from a plant that’s native to Sri Lanka

Answer: Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon is know as Cannamomum Verum. It is harvested from a small evergreen tree that belongs to the family Lauraceae. This specific tree is native to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka produces about 80-90% of the world supply of Ceylon Cinnamon, which is cultivated on a commercial scale in the Seychelles and Madagascar. Cinnamon has gained more importance in the Ayurveda and folklore medicine in India, as a remedy for the treatment of respiratory, digestive, and gynecological ailments. Cinnamomum Verum extract specifically is known to enhance the glycogen synthase activity and activate the insulin receptor by diverse mechanisms. Ill break both mechanisms down just for good measure. Glycogen synthase is a key enzyme in glycogenesis, which is the conversion of glucose into glycogen. Activation of insulin receptor is equal to the binding of insulin or other ligands to this receptor activating the insulin signal pathway. This regulates glucose uptake and release, as well as the synthesis and storage of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. Both mechanisms optimize your body’s ability to use insulin correctly. Many clinical trials had shown that Cinnamon has substantial effects on fasting blood glucose levels and Hemoglobin A1c levels in diabetic subjects. For the treatment of diabetes, cinnamon is reported to have positive effects in Ayurveda and folk medicines. Moreover, it also helps in the reduction of level of blood glucose in diabetic patients of noninsulin-dependent type. In the recent studies, potential therapeutic effect of cinnamaldehyde has been proven as an antidiabetic agent. It improves the functionality of insulin receptors by virtue of enzyme activation (insulin receptor kinase), which is responsible for insulin binding to the cells. Moreover, it is responsible for hindering the enzyme activity that impedes this process (insulin receptor phosphatase), which ultimately leads to the maximum phosphorylation of insulin receptor, which is associated with improved insulin sensitivity.


Q3: Berberine is an alkaloid derived from

Answer: Tyrosine

Berberine, a benzylisoquinoline alkaloid, is derived from tyrosine. Berberine is naturally produced in rhizomes of Berberis and Coptis has long been used in clinical anitibacterial treatments. The first committed step in berberine synthesis from the intermediate (S)-reticuline is catalyzed by berberine bridge enzyme (BBE). BBE is a major branch-point enzyme in benzylisoquinoline alkaloid biosynthesis.
Now, lets address another question: How does Berberine work?
Since Berberine has been tested in hundreds of different studies, we have seen that is has powerful effects on many different biological systems. After you ingest Berberine, it gets transported into the bloodstream and into the body’s cells. Inside the cells, it binds to many different molecular targets and changes their functions. One of he many actions of Berberine is to activate an enzyme inside of cells called AMP-activated protein kinase. AMPK is a sensor of energy status that maintains cellular energy homeostasis. AMPK has many functions including regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis and disposal, autophagy, cell polarity, and cell growth and proliferation. Sometimes this enzyme is known as the “master switch” because it is found in the cells of the brain, muscles, kidney, heart and liver and plays a major role in regulating metabolism. One of the top effects berberine has on the body is causing major reduction in blood sugar levels (this is what we are here for Goons.) Here’s an exquisite example of its major effects:
In one study of 116 diabetic patients, 1 gram of berberine per day lowered fasting blood sugar by 20%, from 7.0 to 5.6 mmol/L (126 to 101 mg/dL), or from diabetic to normal levels. It also lowered hemoglobin A1c by 12% (a marker for long-term blood sugar levels), and also improved blood lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides. According to a big review of 14 studies, berberine is as effective as oral diabetes drugs, including metformin, glipizide and rosiglitazone.

Study Linked Here

This is one of the many reasons why Joey included Berberine HCL to our formula Cheat.

Q4: What would you stack with Cheat and why?


Week of June 8th-11th

@IamGlaxon Instagram Story Game Show Winners

1st – @cook.dave.10

2nd – @garcm235

3rd – @Seanbaileymath


1st Cheat + Thermal

2nd Plasm Surge – bubble juice or unflavored

3rd: SuperShroom

WINNERS: Please contact us on the @iamGlaxon Instagram account and provide us with your name, shipping address and email!

Supplement Lab video: 



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