Glaxon Flight: is this the best recovery and muscle building supplement in the universe?

glaxon flight: the best recovery and muscle building supplement in the universe?

Glaxon Flight is a dietary sports performance supplement that is difficult to put into a single box.

Is it the best recovery supplement? is it the best muscle building supplement? The best? maybe not... That truth lies in the individual goals and values of it's user.

Flight claims growth factors that rival anabolics but is this statement true? The short of it, mechanically speaking, based on current research, yes. The proof is in the clinical studies. From what the research tells us, there are many proven and documented cellular expressions that the ingredients within Flight share with anabolics. Does that mean you will get as big as a truck in 4 weeks? well, the answer is a hard no. But don't go throwing the baby out with the bathwater, there is still much to gain with a product like Glaxon Flight, especially as it pertains to recovery.

Glaxon Flight includes a comprehensive formula that touches on many different "growth factor" mechanisms that help repair and grow cells from muscle tissue among a myriad of other things to help repair and build muscle. From Placental Peptides, Bovine Testicals, Colostrum, and Stem Cells from 3 different types of Algae, this product packs plenty of controversial ingredients as well as marketing statements to scratch your head, stomp your feet and debate your friends over.

In the above video, Joey breaks down each ingredient's microbiological mechanisms and the research that ultimately influenced decisions in creating this controversial recovery formula.


Glaxon Flight is an interesting new approach towards creating absorbable bioactive peptides.  Additionally, we make an attempt at liberating more stem cells into systemic circulation to further assist in growth and recovery.  Through the use of various organ extracts and marine algae, it is the goal of Flight to promote new growth and regeneration of rapidly growing muscle tissues in a way that has never been done before.




Maybe your testosterone levels are at their peak.  You’ve got every other aspect covered in your anabolic arsenal, but you’re missing that one extra “X-factor” that can really take your gains to a new level.  Flight works on several different pathways that facilitate muscle growth by delivering various peptides found in placental tissues that have several roles for generating new tissue.   




Flight works by delivering bioactive peptides to the small intestine via DRcaps®.  Targeted delivery of peptides is of utmost importance - mostly because if they were in any other kind of capsule - would get completely destroyed in the stomach.  With DRcaps® delivery, Flight is able to deploy these peptides straight to the small intestine where they can be absorbed. There are several peptides in this formulation, but perhaps of most interest are the chorionic gonadotropins that are found in placental tissues - which can elicit higher testosterone production GnRH.  Additionally, we use a combination of marine algae to increase the activity of stem cells in circulation to further promote growth and repair of muscle tissue.




Flight is best taken 4 capsules per day either post-workout to work in conjunction with a post-workout protein, or 4 capsules before bed to promote growth and regeneration while sleeping.




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