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What's in these Greens? SuperGreens, the best tasting greens in the universe

What's in these Greens? SuperGreens, the best tasting greens in the universe - Glaxon


Glaxon SuperGreens Drops as 2019 Winds Down and New Year’s Resolutions Prime

SuperGreens from Glaxon is a complete Greens, Reds, and a Mushroom blend of Superfoods that is not only flavored to a tee (Ice tea in fact!), but provides five grams of fiber sourced from Acacia. The significance of SuperGreens here is that most greens formula falls short in two areas that are essential for a greens product to be effective. One, they lack significant amounts of fiber which is essential for proper and healthy gut function. It both helps with the probiotic balance known as the microbiota and also assists with detox by keeping bowel movement on the regular.

Second, is that greens ingredients high in chlorophyll usually taste pretty awful and can be extremely off-putting to the palates of first-time consumers. Supergreens has used advanced flavoring technology to create an extremely pleasant experience that even the pickiest of foodies will find easy to consume.

The other standouts of this formula are the Betta Berries blend, a selection of high ORAC reds, and Super Shrooms Multi-Strain Blend of Fungi that support both immune and energy for those seeking that feeling of well being and boosted physical performance. Overall, SuperGreens is here to support for those who want to kickstart the New Years Resolution or just want an everyday means to conquer their nutrient intake. Whether its detox, weight loss, more energy, etc.. SuperGreens supplies those essential nutrients that are likely lacking in everyone’s day who aren’t getting their 3 to 5 servings of fruits and veggies.



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