Our Collaboration with The Rise School

Our Collaboration with The Rise School

Join us in celebrating our collaboration with the Rise school™ and the amazing students a The Rise School™!

A little bit about The Rise School™:

The Rise School™ of Houston provides the highest quality of early educational services to children ages six months to six years with and without disabilities in an inclusive environment. Rise delivers comprehensive education, intervention and therapy to our students during their formative years.

Together we created a piece of art you can feel good about wearing! The students at The Rise School™ helped us design this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

We aren’t just releasing a tee collaboration- but this shirt is sick right? we’re also donating a guaranteed $5,000 to the rise school™. our partners PricePlow™, Fitness Informant®, and FitButters™ are also donating to The Rise School™ to join in on this collaboration.

These donations go towards helping a child with developmental disabilities get the start they need to build a successful, independent life! We believe every dollar invested today in the education of a youngster with special needs will be returned with interest tomorrow by creating adults who are better able to participate in society, care for themselves, and require fewer social and public services.


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