It's hard to say... 
Is Glaxon™ a comic book superhero in the form of an overly zealous
Is Glaxon™ a multi-media publishing brand?
Is it a line of sports-nutrition dietary supplements?
The answer is simply, yes. Glaxon™, is all of these things with ambitious intent.
To put it bluntly, Glaxon™ is not intended to be viewed as a life-style supplement brand. Glaxon™ is not marketed to be a Crossfit brand, nor a Gaming brand or a Body Building brand either. Glaxon does not belong to some celebrity fitness influencer.
Glaxon is a brand with one simple goal in mind. "To make Awesome Sh!t"
It is better to view Glaxon™ as a scientific experimental journey of the body and mind with an artistic twist that pays homage to the nostalgic. A tip of the hat to where we have been with a focused intent as to where we are heading as humans, as individuals, as a collective spectrum of thought.
Theres that word again, Intent...
Okay, weird. So, how does this apply to supplements?
Glaxon is in pursuit of fostering an engaging community that leverages biology and performance via sports nutrition in pursuit human betterment. To put it simply, our goals are to empower YOU to be better physically, mentally and spiritually. We do this by challenging our Glaxon GoonSquad™ to lend a more comprehensive appreciation of their biology, nutrition, & exploration of their own creativity.
So, why do you call your followers Goons?
It's simple. We're all Goons...
Let's take a quick quiz.
  1. Have you ever left your unwanted opinion on a social media thread?
  2. Ever been to the movie theatre and watched a movie trailer and afterwards said "That look's good" or "There's no way I am paying to see that garbage"?
  3. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror in complete & udder narcissistic vanity, and then snapped a selfie and picked yourself apart? 
  4. Have you ever seen someone in the gym and thought to yourself (or out-loud) they are doing that motion wrong?
  5. Did you have strong feelings about the the last season of Game of Thrones?
You probably answered yes to one of those questions & if so, you are in fact a Goon.
A Goon is a critic, someone with an opinion on the correct way to do something, or the way you would have done it.. and you know what? That is okay — we are all critics in one way or another, and what is a critic? A critic is someone who is dissatisfied with a process or result and is selfishly in pursuit of their personal idea of perfection.
We are fundamentally selfish and imperfect. That is a direct result of being human. But that does not come without humility. We can take things seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. 
This is why we are all Goons. 
Welcome to the GoonSquad — #IAMGLAXON