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The Muscle Builders Stack Yo-Yo

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This Stack Includes: 1.  1 tub - Specimen Yo-Yo - Stim, Pre-Workout 2.  1 tub - Plasm Caps - Non-Stim, Pre-Workout 3.  1 tub - Xeno EAA - Intra workout  4.  1 tub - Hybrid - Dual Fuel Energy - Intra/Post...

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Product Details

This Stack Includes:

  • 1.  1 tub - Specimen Yo-Yo - Stim, Pre-Workout
  • 2.  1 tub - Plasm Caps - Non-Stim, Pre-Workout
  • 3.  1 tub - Xeno EAA - Intra workout 
  • 4.  1 tub - Hybrid - Dual Fuel Energy - Intra/Post Workout


The Meathead supplement stack protocol is for all those iron warriors out there. When muscle building is the absolute goal, without compromise, this is your stack for your gym-time rampage followed with the absolute best in recovery. Curated as the go-to stack by none other than our Chief Operations Officer and Head of Sales, Sam Strange. 


"When I am not crushing sales, I am crushing weights. My go-to stack is Specimen (Alien pop), plasm caps, hybrid (unflavored) & xeno peach.

For my pre-workout, I mix 1 full scoop of Specimen, flavor alien-pop, +  1 full dose (4 caps) plasm caps about 45 mins before I start my warm-up.

The blend of focus, energy and crazy pump ingredients zones me in and gives me the controlled rage needed to manhandle the iron.

For my Intra workout I take a scoop of the unflavored hybrid, with a scoop of xeno, peach godis flavor usually, the hybrid delivers fuel from the designer carb blend and the ketone salts. The Magnapower ® creatine blend helps keep my muscles full and works synergistically with the ingredients from Specimen and Plasm Surge.

 The designer blend of 24 amino acids in the XENO helps ensure my body doesn’t break down muscle tissue for fuel during my workout and the collagen keeps my joints healthy, It also tastes straight, Fuego!"

Plasm Caps


Plasm Caps is a non-stimulant nitric oxide capsule that is designed to improve endurance, blood flow, and overall vasodilation to the extremities.  This can also be used as an additive to any stimulant pre-workout to obtain better pumps and blood flow, but differs from Plasm Surge in its ability to produce nitric oxide in a complementary - yet separate mechanism.


Though Plasm Surge is a fine nitric oxide boosting formula, some people want the pump even more.  Plasm Caps provides a comprehensive nitrate-based formula that compliments the pathways utilized in Plasm Surge to bring you even more nitric oxide and even more intense pumps while exercising


Plasm Caps facilitates the creation of higher nitric oxide levels - this is accomplished through symbiotic nitrate reductase activity and endogenous antioxidant enzymes that produce nitric oxide from dietary nitrates.  For a more comprehensive breakdown see: (link to longer writeup) 


Plasm Caps (5 capsules) are best taken 45-60 minutes prior to exercise.  This product has been encapsulated in a direct-release capsule (DRcap), so please allow at least 60 minutes of gastric transit time before expecting increases in NO production.


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Specimen is a pre-workout formula designed to energize, hydrate, and increase power output.  With far-out flavors and a fully disclosed ingredient panel, we decided to take your typical pre-workout formula and turn it up a few notches with even greater energy levels and enhanced the mind-muscle connection to take you and your workouts from mediocre to exceptional!


Ever get that feeling at the end of your work day where you’re wondering if you have the energy to even go to the gym?  That’s where Specimen pre workout shines! Not only does it have enough caffeine to get you off the couch and in the car, but also enough power to take you through your most strenuous workouts.  


Specimen pre workout works mostly by promoting hydration and higher energy output.  This works through the use of our comprehensive electrolyte blend in combination with osmolytic agents such as taurine, betaine, and glycerol.  For a more comprehensive breakdown see: (link to longer writeup) 


Specimen pre workout is best taken 45-60 minutes prior to exercise.  You can either take ½ scoop or 1 full scoop dissolved into 16oz (500mL) of water, and mix vigorously!


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Hybrid is fuel - and not just any fuel, but a combination of both carbohydrates and ketone salts to provide a “Hybrid” fuel source unlike any other.  Not only does this provide your body with the most efficient substrates for energy creation, but also with added nootropics and a light dose of caffeine from Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean to give you the energetic boost that can be taken alone or pretty much stacked with anything.


Sometimes, our pre-workouts can leave us exhausted or somehow wanting more - more performance, more stamina, or more explosivity.  By fueling your cells with a combination of exogenous ketone salts and carbohydrates, we take energy to the maximum. Not only is this the type of energy you can “feel” mentally, but also see the results physically.  Hybrid was designed to turn up the power and make everything else in your supplement arsenal work even better by providing a clean “Hybrid” fuel source. 


Hybrid works by supplying two forms of fuel that your body really likes: exogenous ketones and carbohydrates. Now, these carbs actually vary in complexity, which should result in different absorption rates. This long-duration absorption is actually facilitated by the use of vanadium, but also by the presence of the exogenous ketones that also increase insulin sensitivity. In addition, we’ve included a light dose of natural caffeine & nootropics to create a more well-rounded effect that you can feel in the gym and further promote endurance.


Simply dissolve ½ to 1 full scoop of Hybrid into 16oz (500mL) into water and mix vigorously. Consume 45-60 minutes prior to exercise or strenuous physical activity.


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Xeno is an amino acid supplement that is inclusive of all Essential Amino Acids, and Branched Chain Amino Acids.  Additionally, it contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid to further support joint health, and repair of myo-facial tissue.  It also has the amino acid Taurine with a comprehensive electrolyte blend to promote hydration.


If you work out hard and get sore muscles, Xeno’s job is to repair, restore, and reduce the amount of time needed for recovery.  If you want to bounce back quicker and stronger from your most strenuous workouts with less soreness and downtime, this is why you would take Xeno.  Even if you’re looking to promote more recovery on off-days, Xeno can be consumed throughout the day to further perpetuate an anabolic state.


Xeno works on three specific levels.  First, it contains taurine and electrolytes to promote intra-cellular muscle hydration and prevent cramping.  Secondly, the combination of hydrolyzed collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid are needed by tissues at the muscle surface, the fascia.  Then we have developed a combination of all 20 amino acids, called Myo-Seq. Myo-Seq is a precise amino acid ratio based off the amino acid sequence of skeletal muscle tissue, which is perfect for muscle protein synthesis because it provides the right amino acids, in the right proportions needed to build muscle as quickly and efficiently as possible.  


Xeno is best taken 45-60 minutes prior to exercise.  You can either take ½ scoop or 1 full scoop dissolved into 16oz (500mL) of water, and mix vigorously until foaming and allow the foam to settle.


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The Muscle Builders Stack Yo-Yo