Solutions To Help Optimize Your Weight Loss

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Solutions To Help Optimize Your Weight Loss


Hey there Goon! Welcome back to another blog from me, the Goon Goddess, Blair! I’m so glad you’re tuning in to my new blogs! Today, we will be talking about how to optimize your weight loss for a summertime slim figure. After all the snacks, boredom eating, and the lack of a gym during the 2020 Covid quarantine, I thought it was a great idea to go over the topic of weight loss. Summer is almost here (at least for everyone in the northern hemisphere) and toning up your physique is going be a major focus point as we move into summer. Its hard to find an approachable way you can methodically work to your goal weight. Don’t worry, Goons, Blair is here to the rescue.

Just as important that it is to know how to lose weight, it is equally important to understand why we fail at losing weight. First, let's go over why people don’t lose weight. If you are dieting, taking supplements, training etc.

Most of us make the mistake of looking at our favorite YouTuber’s or Instagrammer’s feed to see how they stay in such great shape. We automatically adopt the same expectations as our inspirations because, honestly, we usually have misleading self-images of ourselves and others. if it worked for them, it’ll work for me, right? 

While there is nothing wrong with finding inspiration or motivation, it is important to keep in mind the importance of setting our own standards, goals, and expectations to making our personal weight loss journey our own. Not everyone on the internet regardless, of what they have projected onto us, is immune to self-deprecating-thinking. We all have our own demons and no one its perfect! With that being understood, it is important to keep in mind that your journey is your own. Your challenges will be unique to you! Your successes will hang on your own ability to stay committed to your goals, not someone else's. Please note, just because I recommend that we all take our motivators with a grain of salt, that I am implying that your journey should not be shared, in fact, I highly recommend we share our journey.

What do I mean about "sharing the journey"? A good place to begin when setting out to begin losing weight is: creating accountability. Therefore, I recommend that we all reach out to our gym-bestie to help us stay accountable. And that's not just someone that posts about training every day and has the best figure ever to join and motivate you, but someone that you personally know and respect. if you do not have that someone, then look to a group of individuals on social media that can keep you motivated. Get involved and find someone with similar goals and challenges to join you!

A big mistake people make is jumping in with a large commitment with large dollar signs. Many of us sign up to a gym and end up getting conned into paying for a $400 peroneal training program or paying some influencer for a so-called "customized" weight loss plan. Now, sometimes making a financial commitment may work to motivate you, but think about it; we are all different people who require different things to help us lose weight depending on what obstacles we face day-to-day. Some of us may have trouble teaching ourselves how to diet, count calories, how to exercise ect. It's exrremely important that we make a point to educate ourselves on these topics. No online plan or gym-imposed training plan is really customized for your success but rather designed for someone else to make money. So before making any financial commitment, ask yourself, do I need this to stay committed to my goal? Am I making an effort to educate myself instead of relying on someone else who doesn't care about my goals?

It is important to recognize that trainers, plans, apps, supplements etc are tools in a carpenters tool-belt. These things are there to help you get the job done, not do the job for you. They are there to assist you to reach your goal more effectively and in some cases, efficiently. Fitness is not a 1-month plan, but rather a lifestyle. Like anything else challenging in life, weight loss is just as much about the journey as it is the end result. Learn to fall in love with this process instead of quickly searching for what is "best for weight loss". As our good friend, @SupplementSnoop AKA Justin Hall says, “There is no best,” and he’s right, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there is a best FOR YOU!

*Pro Tip, give @SupplementSnoop a follow for daily no-nonsense and honest fitness, health, lifestyle, and supplementation content. 

Before I go any deeper into the weight loss subject, let me get something straight right, the primary rule of weight loss: We need to exercise consistently and eat in a caloric deficit in order to lose weight and burn fat. That means, eating fewer calories than we can naturally burn day CONSISTENTLY. This baseline is called a BMR, the base metabolic rate that an individual will burn calories. Every individuals BMR's is different. Some are faster, some are slower. But the take-home here can be summed up in a little analogy I like to use that refers to banking. A bank stores money and builds interest, you store calories and build fat. So you gotta spend those calories to pay those taxes to remain at a deficit every day in order to lose weight. There is no other healthy way around it. If we want to tone-up for summer, then we better get to spending those calories, who doesn't love buying sh!t? And by buying sh!t I mean working our butts off to burn those calories via exercise.

Calculate your BMR here

That brings me to my next hot-topic point, Appetite, and over-eating. To draw back to my banking analogy, to "save"calories. Most of us do this thing called “Bored eating.” It is important to know that you are not alone in fighting temptation.

I have a couple of tricks that can help you steer away from over-eating or bored eating! My first tip is: make sure you have enough fiber and protein in your regular diet. Look for snacks high in fiber and protein. Fiber keeps your tummy full and keeps you from wanting more food!  To conquer this, start supplementing fiber or eating more fiber enriched foods and snacks to get in a sufficient amount of fiber intake! You will see the difference in how much fuller you feel after eating fiber enriched foods than without. It also goes without saying that protein intake is also especially important because we NEED protein! Protein helps to build and repair muscle (which is the leading supporter in fat metabolization,) an increase in protein synthesis, and repair your sore muscles while increasing your metabolic rate.

Another tip is to accept while you are training your body, you also need to train your mind. When you feel hungry, try to identify if you are actually hungry, or if you are just bored and want a snack. If you think before you eat, you’ll notice that you will be eating less and training your brain can help you stay within your caloric deficit. There are supplements that can help with this, but as I mentioned above, they are tools not complete fixes.

On that note, let's talk a little about mental and emotional strength as it pertains to losing weight. Mental and emotional strength is one of the primary reasons people fail to lose weight. We all have a notion of “I give up” or "I can't" mentality when it comes to things that are challenging. You need to remind yourself that you CAN do this. Even if it is novel, it is crucial that you stay positive and keep moving forward, even when it is hard.

Lets talk supplements and how they can positively impact your emotional and physical strength and keep you motivated to lose weight. If you need a little pick-me-up to get yourself to the gym or outside to exercise, looking into energizing or stimulating products is advised. Stimulating supplements such as Slyce, can specifically help with this; trust me. Slyce has great energy boosting ingredients that help you focus in on your workout, chemically motivate you so you can show up and kick your workout’s butt! Not only does Slyce give you awesome energy and focus, it helps your body burn off more calories while you work out and set your body ablaze as a bonus. Obviously, I don’t literally mean your body will be on fire, but taking Slyce will make you sweat puddles while exercising. More sweat + exercise equates to more calories burned = more fat burned. Who doesn’t want that when they’re trying to shed a few pounds?

We can also give Glaxon Thermal a little shoutout as well while we’re on the subject of fat loss. Thermal is great to pair with Slyce to really get down to the cellular level to help those white fat cells turn brown. When your body’s white fat cells are browned, they end up burning the white cell’s fat storage off quickly and this reduces fat mass. While helping body get rid of stored fat, Thermal also helps reduce the number of calories the human body absorbs and decreases glucose absorption. Slyce and Thermal paired together will optimize your productivity and optimize your body’s ability to lose fat.

 Weight Loss Stack

A final talking point is just not knowing how to diet or to exercise. First tip I will give you is to start tracking the food you eat. You can use apps like MyFitnessPal to scan in your food to track. MyFitnessPal is a great tool for people to identify what macronutrients are and identify the macronutrient content their normal foods have. It’s a really eye-opening experience if you are very new to dieting. Learning about macronutrients and micronutrients are vital for those who want to change their lifestyle. To those who just don’t know how to exercise or are scared to go to the gym in fear of not knowing how to do lifts, or exercise in general; WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE! is perfect for finding workout plans for your goals; they have specific plans for each body type. So if you are trying to achieve a certain body aesthetic, you can pick out a plan that will fit you! Something that really helped me while I was starting out in the gym, was looking up YouTube videos on specific lifts to make sure I have the correct posture and technique. Don’t be scared to ask someone at the gym (someone that is clearly an experienced lifter) how to do a certain lift properly! When we are lifting weights, we want to make sure we have the correct form, so we don’t get injured or hurt!

Moral of this whole story is, make sure you’re making the right changes in your lifestyle for YOU, not what you see on TV, on social media, or on Doctor Oz! Put a plan in place that addresses your obstacles and find a solution to help you get to your target weight loss goal. I hope these three solutions helped you or enlightened you in some way, and if you need some more help just message me on Instagram @Brodgah. Please let me know if you learned anything or are planning on utilizing any of these solutions while you’re trying to shred for the summer or just in general! I hope you have a fabulous day/afternoon/night/workout- whatever you are doing right now- and I’ll catch y’all later in my next blog!

In my experience from talking to customers over the last 6 years, I have learned a lot about helping people educate themselves about fitness and supplements. Helping people stick to their goals and giving advice to help others is what motivates me! If you have an obstacle that is keeping you from losing weight that I didn’t cover here, feel free to message me @BRODGAH on Instagram and we can talk about it so we can get you a solution as well!


Blog by: Blair Rodgers
Collaborated by: Taylor Knox

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