Too Much Stress? Hack it with Serenity.

Too Much Stress? Hack it with Serenity. - Glaxon

Too Much Stress? Hack it with Serenity


Hey there Goons, Blair here with my newest blog installment: “Hacks with Blair.” Today we are going to be talking all about Serenity. I have been receiving many questions about this gem: when to take it, what to stack it with, who would I recommend this for. Today, we will be addressing all these topics and MORE; But first, lets slide into what stress is and how you can hack it with Serenity.


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Stress is an essential but also a curse at the same time; you’ll see what I mean soon. Stress is our physical and biological response or reaction to a threat, challenge, or physical barrier. In humans, the autonomic nervous system and the HPA axis are the two major systems that respond to stress. The HPA axis and the sympathetic nervous system are the two major physiological stress-response centers. From the HPA axis, your cortisol levels are regulated and released which influence metabolic functions, psychological functions, and immunological functions. Through these functions, stress can alter memory, reward, immune function, metabolism, and susceptibility to diseases. So, too much stress can be a bad thing and can be damaging to your body. The word “stress” derives from the Latin word stringere, which means “to draw tight.” Additionally, the word had been in use in the physics world to refer to the internal distribution of a force exerting on a material body, resulting in a strain: sound familiar? We all can agree that too much stress is not a great thing, let us chat about why Serenity may be for you. If your stress is intense or happens just occasionally, Serenity can help you balance out your cortisol so you can chill and elevate your overall mood.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, I’m going to tell you how you can hack your stress with Serenity.

The first stack is a total hack for all my athletes and gym rats out there: take your Serenity with your pre-workout or shortly after you take your pre-workout. I know what you are thinking: “Blair, I don’t want to be chill during my workout.” I agree, but remember, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour for Serenity to take full affect in the body. If you take Serenity with or shortly after your workout, you will feel the effects from your pre-workout during your training, but after you get done exercising, you’ll completely skip over the dreaded post-workout crash. You will end up diving directly into a chill, heavenly brain space with just enough left-over force to help you waltz through the rest of your day. Serenity can also help elongate physical endurance through exercise by of one of its key ingredients: Quercetin. Stacking these two together is a phenomenon; try it out and let me know how you love it! Personally, I recommend stacking Serenity with G.F.Y. for my Pre-Workout concoction. The phenethylamines in G.F.Y. are strong but effective in keeping me energized through my workout and Serenity helps chill out the stims when I don’t need them in full force post-training.


The second hack is for the people who are bombarded with stressors through the day and night, resulting in a sleepless state. Your Insomniax stack is Sedative & Serenity. These two products together will de-stress your brain, will help you get into bed. These two combined will keep you asleep, so you don’t toss and turn through the night and helps you wake up refreshed in a positive state of mind. This stack is not for the faint of heart. It is extremely effective and resilient; so, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Sedative paired with Serenity will check off all the boxes required for a remarkable slumber.

The third and final stack is for Adrinall users. If you are a student needing help to de-stress before finals, or you’re a stay-at-home mom who needs a little mental clarity while trying to teach your kids through this nasty pandemic, this stack is for you. Adrinall is for all day energy and helping you mentally zoom in to your everyday life, so throwing Serenity in there is a no-brainer. These two paired together will help you increase your productivity flow through your day with a calm and collected state. Personally, being a student during quarantine has been extremely stressful. Since finals are next week, I cant go without taking Adrinall and Serenity before I start studying. Serenity completely takes out the echoing stress in my brain surrounding my final grades and Adrinall helps me stay fixated at the task at hand so I can crush my finals!






If you haven't checked out Joey's video breaking down the ingredients of Serenity, Check It out above. 

If you have a favorite way of taking Serenity, post it in the comments or DM us @iamglaxon. I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to hack your stress with Serenity! 

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