Winners Announced GoonGames Week 4/27-4/30

Winners Announced GoonGames Week 4/27-4/30 - Glaxon

Welcome to Glaxon's GoonGames, A weekly Trivia Game hosted by Blair on our Instagram. Play Games, Win Prizes, Learn Sh!t.

Rules Recap:

4 Days, 4 Questions.

Answer a question a day on @IamGlaxon Instagram story.

- You must answer all 4 questions correctly

- Question 4 MUST be answered via your insta-story. You MUST tag @IamGlaxon for your Q4 answer to be submitted

- The first person to answer all 4 questions correctly including the final question wins free product, gear, or swag

- You can only win 1st once (winners will enter a "best of the best" contest to be held later)

The Winner of each week trivia will be announced the following Monday via our Website or Supplement Lab YouTube


Q1: Which lobe is the largest in a healthy human brain?

Answer: Frontal

The Frontal lobe is the largest lobe inside of a healthy human brain. It is located near the forehead and is a part of the brain’s cerebral cortex. It is the component of the paired loved: left and right frontal cortex.  The frontal lobe is also part of the brain that controls important cognitive skills in humans. It controls emotional expression, problem solving, memory, language, judgment, and sexual behaviors. The Frontal lobe in the brain is basically the remote control of our personality and ability to communicate with one another. I’m going to link a video down below for you to learn a little more about the brain’s Frontal Lobe.


Q2: This Blend of 3 Choline donors helps improve focus

Answer: Cholinace

The answer to this question was Cholinace; Although many of the other selections here are Choline sources, Cholinace is the only Trademarked ingredient on this list that uses 3 different choline donors to fuel its fire. Cholinace uses Choline Bitartrate(VitaCholine), Alpha-GPC, and Citicoline. This ingredient’s mission is to act as Acetylcholine precursors to further support the proper functioning of the mind-muscle-connection in the PNS(peripheral nervous system) and support memory formation and retrieval in the CNS(central nervous system.) This mind-blowing ingredient is also found in multiple different Glaxon goodies: Adrinall, GFY, and Specimen.  This information can also be found on Joey’s Supplement Lab video on YouTube: “What is AcetylCholine?” I will link it down below after the 4th question!

Buy Specimen here

Buy Adrinall here

Q3: This chemical messenger plays a vital role in learning

Answer: Glutamate

The answer was Glutamate and I’m going to take you through an in-depth explanation of WHY Glutamate plays a vital role in learning and in the brain overall. Glutamate is the most abundant neurotransmitter in our brain and CNS(central nervous system) and is involved in virtually EVERY major excitatory brain function. It is actually estimated that well over half of all synapses in the brain release Glutamate; this makes it the dominant neurotransmitter used for neural circuit communication. When glutamate is released into the synapse; once released, glutamate then is combined with several types of receptors including post-synaptic Ionotropic and Metabotropic receptors that are responsible for a range of downstream effects in the brain. These effects include: Rapid communication between neurons, releasing brain growth factors such as BDNF(brain-derived neurotrophic factor,) and modulating synaptic plasticity. Synaptic Plasticity is the ability of synapses to strengthen or weaken over time in response to increase or decrease activity. Since memories are hypothesized to be represented by vastly interconnected neural circuits in the brain, Synaptic Plasticity is one of the more important neurochemical foundations of learning and memory.  The specific form of plasticity is known as “long-term potentiation” and takes place at glutamatergic synapses in the hippocampus neocortex and other parts of the brain. To be more simplistic, Glutamate is vital because it helps the brain form memories and that is an integral part of learning!  

Q4: According to Joey on @SupplementLab(on YouTube) what form is Alpha GPC when over 50%

On Joey’s Supplement Lab video “What is Acetyl Choline,” Joey explains the different forms of Cholines. He shows the two forms of Alpha GPC; He explains that a less than or equal to 50% form of Alpha GPC is usually found in a very fine powder. Joey goes on to show us a more than 50% Alpha GPC in a syrup form. He explains that Alpha GPC in 99% would probably be in a soft gel form; because at such a high potency, it can only be a liquid.


Week of April 4/27--4/30

@IamGlaxon Instagram Story Game Show Winners

1st - @Wat_Philey

2nd - @Blown_Candy_10

3rd – No third-place winner this week ☹ - the first person to DM me on Instagram (@brodgah) and tells me what they learned from this blog post, I will send you a SuperShroom :) 


1st Hybrid, SuperGreens + HAT

2nd Xeno Energy

3rd: SuperShroom

WINNERS: Please contact us on the @iamGlaxon Instagram account and provide us with your name, shipping address and email


Also, go check out our newest product: Serenity! Supplement Lab on Serenity is coming soon, stay tuned!



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