Winners Announced: Glaxon GoonGames Trivia Week - 4/6 -4/9

Week of April 4th - 10th

Welcome to Glaxon's GoonGames, A weekly Trivia Game hosted by Blair on our Instagram. Play Games, Win Prizes, Learn Sh!t.


Rules Recap:

4 Days, 4 Questions.

Answer a question a day on @IamGlaxon Instagram story.

- You must answer all 4 questions correctly

- Question 4 MUST be answered via your insta-story. You MUST tag @IamGlaxon for your Q4 answer to be submitted

- The first person to answer all 4 questions correctly including the final question wins free product, gear, or swag

- You can only win 1st once (winners will enter a "best of the best"contest to be held later)

The Winner of each week trivia will be announced the following Monday via our Website or Supplement Lab YouTube


Q1: What body part do upright rows work?

Answer: Delts + Traps

Q2: What of the following is not an electrolyte?

Answer: Dolomite

Q3: Which of these ingredients is most related to Synephrine structurally?

Answer: Halostachine

Q4: What three items does Joey Savage use in Supplement Lab to explain where Choline comes from?

Answer: Sunflower Seeds, Eggs, and Fish

Week of April 4th - 10th

@IamGlaxon Instagram Story GameShow Winners

1st - @Turtooooga89

2nd - @NateKorto

3rd - @SeanBailyMath

Prizes: Link to SuperShroom

SupplmentLab video:

Winners: please reach out to @iamglaxon on Instagram or message us on YouTube with your shipping details.

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