Winners Announced: GoonGames Trivia week 4/13-4/16

Winners Announced: GoonGames Trivia week 4/13-4/16 - Glaxon

Welcome to Glaxon's GoonGames, A weekly Trivia Game hosted by Blair on our Instagram. Play Games, Win Prizes, Learn Sh!t.

Rules Recap:

4 Days, 4 Questions.

Answer a question a day on @IamGlaxon Instagram story.

- You must answer all 4 questions correctly

- Question 4 MUST be answered via your insta-story. You MUST tag @IamGlaxon for your Q4 answer to be submitted

- The first person to answer all 4 questions correctly including the final question wins free product, gear, or swag

- You can only win 1st once (winners will enter a "best of the best" contest to be held later)

The Winner of each week trivia will be announced the following Monday via our Website or Supplement Lab YouTube


Q1: Which diet is the best?

Answer: The diet that's most sustainable for you.

Why: Any way you choose the positively change your eating habits needs to be sustainable long term for you to see success with any diet. Since diets revolve around a long term success with caloric deficit, it is imperative that you choose a diet that you can stick with long-term! 

Q2: Does black coffee break a fast?

Answer: no

Why: The answer is no, and let me explain before you crucify me! Black coffee does not affect fasting’s most common benefits: improving insulin sensitivity, fat burning & Ketosis and Autophagy. Black coffee during a fast does not affect these; in fact, black coffee or caffeine can improve these benefits while fasting. Black coffee can lower blood glucose levels while fasting. Caffeine has also been found (recent study linked below) to acutely upregulate Ketosis in humans. Lastly, black coffee does not affect autophagy; on the contrary, a study on mice recently pointed to caffeine actually inducing autophogy in the liver, muscle tissue and heart. As a plus, coffee also does not inhibit AMPK. So in a meaningful sense, black coffee does not break a fast.

Q3: In Greece, this fruit brings new households good luck:

Answer: Pomegranate

Why: Pomegranates are a symbol of good luck, fertility and abundance. It’s supplemental  functions and abilities are no less than abundant. Pomegranate can help alleviateat various disease risk factors such as high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, oxidative stress, high cholesterol, inflammatory activities and much more. Pomegranate extract is also a rich source of polyphenols and antioxidants! It can induce its benefits through the influences of its many bioavailabe parts and metabolites on gene expression as well. Pomegranate extract is also abundant in the Glaxon range: featuring in Flight, Cheat and SuperGreens.

Q4: Do 20 pushups and tag @iamglaxon on your stories

Week of April 4/13-4/16 

@IamGlaxon Instagram Story Game Show Winners

1st - @Skylerbond

2nd - @Breezythefitwitch

3rd - @Who_mitchstone

Prizes: SuperShroom(3rd place, 2nd and 1st), SuperGreens(2nd and 1st), Cheat(1st)

Supplement Lab video:

Winners: please reach out to @iamglaxon on Instagram or message us on YouTube with your shipping details.

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