Glaxon Launches it's first Pre Workout

The latest release from Glaxon is it’s highly anticipated high-stimulant pre-workout dubbed, Specimen. 

Specimen is a pre-workout engineered by an award-winning product formulator to increase performance, focus, endurance, and pump. Like other pre-workouts, Specimen is all-encompassing to push you farther but with an emphasis on neuro support as well. Featuring a heavy 400mg of caffeine for full serving and a host of B vitamins, Specimen packs a stimulatory punch. Also included in the formula is Zero Day Nutras’ very own choline blend Vitacoline that is intended to enhance cognitive mind-muscle connection during exercise. Specimen features other popular stimulatory nootropics such as Yohimbe, which provides a no-crash later solution for all-day energy. 

You can see the entire supplement facts panel here

glaxon specimen supplement facts panel

Suggested dosage is ½ to 1 full scoop mixed into 16 oz (500 mL) of water, mixed vigorously. Consume Specimen 45-60 minutes prior to exercise, for best results. Each bottle contains a serving of 42, for serving size of ½ a scoop. 

Specimen is available with two Glaxon themed flavors, Alien Pop and Molecular Candy. This new pre-workout can be bought on the Gaxon website,, as well as current participating retail stores where you can also find other Glaxon supplements that were launched this past month.  

Check out Glaxon Instagram, to explore the brand and to be informed on new product releases. 

How does it work/ Behind the Formula? 

Behind the Formula video series coming soon.


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