The Designer Stack: Nootropics for Focus

The Designer Stack: Nootropics for Focus - Glaxon

The designer stack protocolSupplement manufacturer, Glaxon, rings in the new year with the launch of their Stack3d, 2020 protocol. First in line of customized protocols from the Glaxon team comes from their creative director and senior graphics designer, Taylor Knox.


This Stack is what we put together as Nootropics for Focus and for production. All you Coders, Designers, Video Editors etc... Anyone that puts in serious screen-time for hours on end that needs laser-beam focus, mental nutrients, and elevated mood support. Where work production reigns paramount, The Designer Stack is intended to keep you engaged to the task-at-hand. It features a balanced regimen of our best mental support and energy products without over-stimulation, plus adding a great mix of carb and vegetable + fruit nutrients. It also helps in supporting an increased metabolic rate for those long-haul hours at the desk. A creator's tool to content-excellence. 



This stack features -




Curated by our Senior Designer/Marketing Director, T.K. —

"This daily stack was used in the creation of the Glaxon branding identity. Including the product labels, videos, and this very website — I start my day off with 3 capsules of Adrinall Nootropic and 3 Capsules of Alpha365, this helps set off positive energy, laser-beam focus, and general euphoric mood for the first half of the day. Around 3:00pm when I start to feel a lull in focus, I start sipping on Hybrid, Purple Pear flavor, being my favorite. This helps keep me engaged and pushes me past that 6:00pm mark of my typical workday. I then take another 3 caps of Alpha365 before an evening workout or yoga session. Taking Alpha not only supports my mental mood, with the feeling of absolute confidence, but my muscles also stay dense and energized - this allows me to keep my workout intensity high, even without taking pre-workout.

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