Glaxon Fiber Fusion - The Ultimate Poop Promoter

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Glaxon’s Fiber Fusion is a comprehensive blend of six different sources of dietary fiber designed to act as a prebiotic and to promote predictable morning regularity as the perfect night-time fiber formula.  Additionally, Fiber Fusion contains a natural source of chlorophyll to help deodorize the gastrointestinal tract, and Immuse™ - a unique post-biotic for bolstering the body’s immune responses.



Fiber is another one of those nutrients where everybody is deficient and hardly anyone knows or thinks about it.  Sufficient fiber intake is something that has a serious impact on health even outside the bathroom since it has an impact on gut health and this in turn has an impact on how well your body absorbs nutrients.  If you think your #2’s aren’t #1, maybe it’s time to add a little fiber to your diet so your poops become purgative perfection.


When it comes to dietary fiber there are both soluble (fibers that are easily broken down by your gut microbiome) and insoluble fibers (usually these are what “bulk up” stools) which have beneficial effects on the digestive tract and the gut microbiome.  We’ve chosen this blend to do both and to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria that produce short-chain fatty acids to promote optimal gut health and to help supply the insoluble fiber needed for the perfect poops.


Mix one heaping scoop of Fiber Fusion into 16 ounce (500mL) of water or beverage of choice.  Make sure to consume quickly as this product can form into a gel that becomes more difficult to swallow as it sits in solution.  Best consumed before bed if you are or desire to become a morning defecator.  Stack Fiber Fusion with Tranquility Sleep for the perfect bookends on a great night’s sleep.

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